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Taken from a posting I made to the Bascom mailing list.

Subject: 128*64 LCD display going
Date sent: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 22:46:29

Following up on yesterday's message...

I wrote some software to get the HG12605 display going - just rough
but it works. Contrary to my guess it took more than 10 minutes
(27:08 actually!) but that was more typing than thinking, and (as I
have learned to expect using bascom) it compiled very first time and
ran exactly as desired. Try that in assembler or C!

For anyone who is interested I will post the code, and a picture of
what the screen should look like
, on my website.

[And a good description on how to drive the module here - that I did later]

Notes on the code:

1. It's bloaty - I have used lots of bit operations to make it
2. It's rough - I have only done the minimum I thought necessary to
make the screen go. It doesn't read the busy status or anything
(technically it should). I write to both chips at once just
because I can. etc
3. Apart from the picture on the display, it's untested. I only
compiled it once!
4. It's running off a 4MHz crystal - but it should work off 12.

Notes on the hardware:

I'm using an Atmel AVR starter kit (AVR001000 or something, an early
version of the STK200) with an AT89S8252 in it - this programs like
an AVR using 8051 hex files. Very handy. I soldered a header strip
onto the display and used ribbon cables to connect that to 2 10-way
header sockets which go onto the AVR board (4 grounds total). Pin
allocations as per file. I steal 5V from the AVR board using a 1-pin
header I soldered onto its reg output pin. There's a 50k pot running
between 5V and -10V (Vdd and Vout) and the wiper goes to Lcd drive
(Vo). 50k is probably too high but it's all I could find and does
work. A separate lab type power supply is running the LED backlight
on 150mA current limit. It all worked first time too, and nothing
has caught on fire yet.



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