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Important news
Regulatory changes introduced by the previous government have made it unlawful for most companies (with 1+ workers) to operate as a business, where an owner is related to someone with a disability. These restrictions are similar to being in administration (liquidation), but please accept that this is not the case - it is the law, the target was a particular class of people. I extend my apologies to customers of the resale agency and surgical product manufacture arms, as such operations are untenable under the new laws - but I will continue to support existing customers where at all possible. The company is under relatively few restrictions when it comes to providing my design services as a contractor, so it remains mostly "business as usual" for my contracting clients. (updated 10 October 2018)

Industrial products

ITECH programmable power supplies and loads
Itech programmable power supply

Electronics design engineering - consulting

Hardware, embedded software, PCB layout, packaging, DFM, product prototyping. servicesBGA footprint

4iW speakerAudio products

Hi Fi and AV speakers, class D and A amplifiers, car audio amps, and more - designed for both the serious audio enthusiast and audiophile.

Technical information, interest

publications and application notes

LM1875 veroamp

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