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The New Zealand Government now applies special legal constraints to companies where an owner is related to someone with a disability. These recently applied rules automatically place companies in a situation similar to administration (restrictions against assets, stock, investment, management decision making, also special audit requirements). Please accept this applies across the board, it is the law, and has nothing to do with the company or me specifically. These laws were developed, held and applied in secret, to arm the state with legal powers based on discrimination, deception and corruption (and that is just the tip of an iceberg). The company cannot challenge this. It is however currently permitted (possibly even required) to operate in a limited capacity as a supplier of my consulting services - so despite how bad all this may sound, please accept that it is mostly "business as usual" for my contracting clients and I remain committed to the job. The company has simply been caught in the crossfire of a political agenda that has obviously gone horribly out of control. After the changes were applied in 2015 (secretly and without warning), I have been proactive in managing risks with my clients, however as a qualified professional I really do need to advertise this situation up-front. It's also time somebody did something about this nonsense, so being left with no other practical option, I am speaking up about it now. (11 May 2017)

Industrial products

ITECH programmable power supplies and loads
Itech programmable power supply

Electronics design engineering - consulting

Hardware, embedded software, PCB layout, packaging, DFM, product prototyping. servicesBGA footprint

4iW speakerAudio products

Hi Fi and AV speakers, class D and A amplifiers, car audio amps, and more - designed for both the serious audio enthusiast and audiophile.

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LM1875 veroamp

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