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If you want a shipping cost, please include your location and desired delivery timeframe. See the order process noted below.

I will try to answer inquiries within 24 hours, but please understand that my inbox usually has >1000 emails in it these days so it's not always possible. If it seems to be taking too long, assume your email has been eaten by a spam filter or has otherwise gone missing, and re-send it, or use the form on the contact page.

Prices shown on this website should remain current, and include GST, but not shipping. Inquire for bulk or repeat order pricing.

New Zealand sales

We have been successfully selling online since at least 1997, and from time to time our products may be offered through distributors and retailers. Christchurch customers can arrange a demonstration or to pick up product etc.

Payment via internet banking direct credit seems to be what everyone uses - it only takes an instant, is very secure, and clears in one business day. We no longer accept credit cards directly, but you can use PayPal.

We have negotiated some excellent shipping rates for larger items like speakers and power supplies. We don't mark up shipping or add any extra costs.

Please take note of the disclaimer below.

Additional notes for industrial and contracting services customers: Payment terms are net 7 days, only for approved customers and clients. Payment by direct credit is preferred. See the relevant products or services pages for further details.

International sales

We have been selling online internationally since 1997. Prices on this website are stated in New Zealand dollars, and include a sales tax of 12.5% that you DO NOT need to pay - so divide the price by 1.125, then convert to your local currency: New Zealand Currency Calculator (opens in popup window)

Payment can be made by PayPal, this offers secure transactions over the web. We no longer accept credit cards directly. T/T is best for large orders over approx USD1000. We do not accept international bank cheques (or rather the bank won't, for some weird reason that I never quite understood).

For shipping costs try this:

Please take note of the disclaimer below.

Important note about duty, customs, taxes: We charge you our advertised price (or whatever is arranged) plus shipping. But we can't be responsible for extra costs (or delays) incurred at your end, sometimes these can be shocking. If uncertain about the cost of importing products, contact your local authorities and let us know of any special marking or declaration requirements.

Order process (by email)
This basically follows 'auction rules' (eg eBay, Trade Me). The following information is only provided to give an overview, and help out if something goes wrong. Our replies will guide you on what to do.

Inquire asking for shipping costs to your city, maybe about availability of the item, and anything else - like your intended method of payment, or whether you just want to try something out on appro. (privacy policy)
  We reply with a total cost including shipping, any delays or problems, our bank details - and instructions on how to complete the order.

Pay us if you are happy with what you see, and confirm to us that payment has been made (important!). (If you qualify for credit you may wish to provide an order number or P/O, but this is not required.)
  We watch for payment to clear. Direct credit usually shows up the next day, PayPal shows up immediately, T/T may take a few days. If we can't ship on the day payment arrives (if we are building something to order, or have missed the courier deadline) then we will at least send confirmation of payment having arrived and an estimated time of departure.

  We confirm shipment as soon as your package leaves, and include track and trace details, tax invoice, and any special details relating to the product like warranty etc (make sure you keep this email as we may refer to it for future orders).
  You don't need to do anything else, but we would really appreciate it if you could drop us a quick email with some feedback on the product when you've had a chance to play with it.

We've stabilised on this process during more than 10 years of selling over the web (and more recently, auction sales), and it works well. But please let us know if there is anything we can improve on (adding a shopping cart system for example*).

Web shop
* UPDATE 10/04/08: The new shop site is open for business. It has actually been live for nearly a year, but without any links to it no one knew it existed - intentional. It hasn't been easy to find developers (well, not ones that can deliver), so I ended up doing it myself - it is still a work in progress. The intention is to ease and automate the buying process (for you and me), and in time greatly increase the range of products available (due to the evident difficulty of shoehorning new product pages in this "static" site). Or in other words what it it says above: Easier shopping, more products. So give it a go.

(the following is copied from the About us page...)

Warranties are stated on the product pages, if you need more information please ask.

We generally offer a lifetime warranty on our own workmanship and a 5 year warranty on parts for new products of our own manufacture.

Privacy policy
Your personal information will not be sold to third parties, and we take reasonable efforts to ensure that such information is not knowingly or accidentally divulged. You will not be signed up to newsletters or automated mailings without your permission (but we may still contact you in connection with an existing communication or business relationship). We no longer deal directly with credit card numbers.

ADX Electronics Limited disclaims any and all liability for anything and everything. In no circumstances shall my, ADX Electronics, or ADX Electronics Limited's liability ever exceed the purchase price. New Zealand law applies in all cases. Product guarantees and warranties are offered at the ultimate discretion of ADX Electronics Limited or the original manufacturer, and will vary depending on the product.

If you are genuinely dissatisfied, dismayed or otherwise annoyed by your purchase - please let us know ASAP. If you have taken reasonable steps to be up front with us, we will refund the purchase price in full (or pro-rata depending on use) and also shipping costs if it really is our fault. I think 7 days is a reasonable time to make such a decision, but it is flexible depending on the situation and the type of product. Many products are covered by a money back guarantee. Also, if you blow something up by mistake, please let us know ASAP. Mistakes happen, and simple repairs are often covered free of charge or at parts cost - even if obviously your fault. We want you to be happy with what you've bought.

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