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We will answer most inquiries within 24 hours. If it seems to be taking too long, please assume your email has been eaten by a spam filter or has otherwise gone missing, and re-send it, or use the form below.

We have offered an internet mail order service since 1996 - a great way to try our products at your own pace, in your own space. Demonstrations can easily be arranged for local customers.

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For consultancy services my personal email is: (large attachments are ok)

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The first thing you need to know is that ADX Electronics is pretty much just me. There are NO full time positions (permanent or temporary) available at the moment. I will NOT be able to give you a job before your move to New Zealand.

On the other hand I am always on the lookout for part time / casual / contract workers in the electronics / IT fields with good practical abilities, and above all - an ability to deliver results.

Email CVs etc to for the time being. Don't expect an immediate reply (but I will try to respond at some stage).


Please send brochures, solicitations etc via email, or to the PO box listed above. Don't expect a reply (as you can imagine I get a huge volume of this), but I will keep relevant useful info on file. Please keep it relevant to the technical / electronics sector, generic stuff will be deleted or reported along with the rest of the spam. Please avoid:

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