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Mission Statement
to provide customers with what they want
to operate with integrity
to grow


About the company
ADX Electronics Limited is a small business owned and managed by Antony Dean, an electronics design engineer. Situated in Christchurch, New Zealand, we enjoy the benefits of operating from the 'Silicon Valley' of the country. We are driven by innovation, and have a strong focus on value, quality, and integrity.

About the owner
My name is Antony Dean, I have been selling my products and services under the ADX name since 1983. Since I was a kid I enjoyed designing stuff, and always wanted to see good products selling for less money. This may not be important to many businesses, but it remains an ideal I strive for instinctively.

My longstanding interest in electronics, technology and innovation lead to me becoming an electronics design engineer, and starting my own business.

Main engineering skills:
> precision analogue design / power electronics / PCB layout / prototyping / embedded software / DSP
> project management / design for manufacture / purchasing / EMC precompliance / ATE / mechanical

Qualifications and memberships:
> BE Hons (Electrical and Electronic), University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
> ME (Electrical and Electronic), University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
> Member Audio Engineering Society (AES)

You will see "I" and "we" used interchangeably throughout this site - that just depends on how big a particular project is and who is involved. (Although I must admit a lot of this is just the accepted "corporate façade marketing style". The reality is that the business is basically just me, and I'm not trying to give the impression of a large corporation. So bear with me while I slowly adjust the site back to a more personal perspective.)

About the workers
We usually employ people on a part time or contract basis (contact - jobs), which ensures we get the right person for every job, and keeps unnecessary overheads out of our prices.

Why the name ADX?
This is an unusually common question! The first two letters are my initials - easy enough. To cut a long story short, the "X" was added because of the need for a 3 character prefix to filenames on my old school's computer system, and a DIY spy book that was around then. I was 13 at the time. So now you know!


History of ADX Electronics
It started when I was a kid, as above. I was intensely interested in electronics, computers, gadgets, audio equipment and things like lasers. (You could get away with a lot in those days without being labelled too much of a geek.) In 1985 I prototyped some class-D amplifiers, had already made a few speakers, and was experimenting with digital audio.

I began running my business as a sole trader in 1994, while working full time as an electronics designer. A couple of years later I left to work on the business full-time. Since then the business has followed two parallel paths; one the design, manufacture and sale of products, and the other contracting out my engineering design services. Products offered initially were the result of partnership efforts, some went better than others. Since 2000 I have concentrated on developing my own ideas, with a return to my roots in audio electronics.

At the end of 2002 I incorporated the company "ADX Electronics Limited", which manufactures and sells my products and services.

Late 2004, I realised the benefit in adding quality imported items to the products portfolio - not to replace our own products, but to augment them and enable growth.


Perceptions vs performance
These days products sell more on perceptions than performance - especially with electronics - how do you know what's really going on inside a piece of electronics equipment or software? What you end up with can be quite random - sometimes totally independent of price, so what's going on there? Marketing is how a business makes money, it has two components: One is altering perceptions through advertising etc. The other is actually making a better product to begin with. You can't have one without the other, it's a balance - but the company will choose the balance which most suits itself.

Keep one thing in mind: I am an engineer, not a salesman. My instinct is to create the perception of a good product by actually creating a good product. This extends to the products we now resell - as a designer of similar products, I am in a great position to judge whether their quality is real or fake.


Prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST, but shipping is extra (charged at cost). (GST is a 12.5% sales tax that international customers DO NOT need to pay.) Payment can be by PayPal or direct credit (using internet banking in NZ). Established companies may be able to take advantage of 7 day credit terms.
> See sales info page for more information on physical products
> See services page for more information on contracting services and software products
> The relevant products pages have sales information for the particular type of product

Warranties are stated on the product pages, if you need more information please ask.

We generally offer a lifetime warranty on our own workmanship and a 5 year warranty on parts for new products of our own manufacture.

Privacy policy
Your personal information will not be sold to third parties, and we take reasonable efforts to ensure that such information is not knowingly or accidentally divulged. You will not be signed up to newsletters or automated mailings without your permission (but we may still contact you in connection with an existing communication or business relationship). We no longer deal directly with credit card numbers.

ADX Electronics Limited disclaims any and all liability for anything and everything. In no circumstances shall my, ADX Electronics, or ADX Electronics Limited's liability ever exceed the purchase price. New Zealand law applies in all cases. Product guarantees and warranties are offered at the ultimate discretion of ADX Electronics Limited or the original manufacturer, and will vary depending on the product.

If you are genuinely dissatisfied, dismayed or otherwise annoyed by your purchase - please let us know ASAP. If you have taken reasonable steps to be up front with us, we will refund the purchase price in full (or pro-rata depending on use) and also shipping costs if it really is our fault. I think 7 days is a reasonable time to make such a decision, but it is flexible depending on the situation and the type of product. Many products are covered by a money back guarantee. Also, if you blow something up by mistake, please let us know ASAP. Mistakes happen, and simple repairs are often covered free of charge or at parts cost - even if obviously your fault. We want you to be happy with what you've bought.


Other "ADX"s
These entities all share the ADX name, but are otherwise unrelated (except all being potential suppliers funnily enough):

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