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ITECH power supplies and loads ADX Speakers bits and pieces
Early ADX industrial and IT products ADX Amplifiers cameras

T&M industrial products

ITECH programmable power supplyITECH power supplies and loads

We have been the NZ agent for this range of products aimed at electronics manufacturers, educational institutions, and design engineers, since 2004. Recent law changes forced the company to abandon its official distributorship in 2016, however we still hold stock, can provide support for existing customers, and will maintain ties with the manufacturer. Click on the link below for more info.

ITECH products information

> programmable power supplies
> precision, high speed, DVM
> programmable DC Electronic loads

also see


Old industrial products

> 1997: Modem Multiplexer latest news + old page
> 1998: Electronic loads latest news + old page

> 1999: Alphanumeric LED serial display module

These are products which have reached the end of their life and/or are no longer manufactured. These pages remain for support and reference. Please contact us if you have interest in these products, or wish to have information on products not listed here.


high end consumer audio products

Lineup of speakersLoudspeakers

Uniquely hand crafted speakers for the cost-conscious audiophile, with an emphasis on musicality and realism.

> Speakers products home
   > Compact hi-fi / rear channel speakers


Amplifiers (product range in development)

 20 WRMS Class-T amplifier  Single ended fet amp
 > class-D 'digital' amplifiers

 > Single-Ended Fet Amplifier (SFA)

 30 years of class D!

Some time in 1985 I made my first class D amplifiers, under the ADX brand name. I will try to get a description published here soon.

For more information on audio electronics and applications, see the techinfo section.

miscellaneous products
From time to time we may have prototypes, early production units, spare stock, interesting electronic parts and related paraphernalia we don't really need. We will add links here as available...  

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