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Whether its compact HiFi, home theatre or MP3s and computer games, these speakers perform like they should. Crafted with quality in mind, engineered with value in mind.

4iW lineup
the ADX Electronics 4iW lineup: matte / satin / gloss / native Rimu
(more views of this lineup, 218k)

4iW - based on 4" wool composite cone bass driver

The prototypes were an 'out of the box' sonic success, with the design consistently proving near impossible to better - which is why it was chosen to go into production first. From the prototypes made in 1999 to production in 2001, these are our most popular speakers.

Apart from diminutive size and transparent sound, this model's main claim to fame is the "incredible bass" from a box so small - you must have heard this a million times before, you have to hear these speakers to know what this really means.

picture of 4iW model
finished in black satin
(that's a Nokia 5120 cellphone if you're wondering)

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Whatever the reason, we'd like to hear from you - email sales@adx.co.nz, or use the form on the contact page.

more views of the 4iW model >>>>

4iW stack

Pairs as in picture to left, top to bottom

  • matte textured finish - great for shops
  • (another pair matte finish)
  • (another pair matte finish)
  • black satin finish - great finish for home applications
  • gloss finish - striking effect


another 4iW stack

Another idea of the looks, the satin finished speakers are at the top right. The remainder are matte textured (similar to a matte plastic / spark-eroded finish).

The drivers blend in with the paintwork better than these flash photos seem to show.

And in case you haven't already looked at more views of the lineup.

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