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As of 2017 this page has been deprecated from the site structure, but is retained for reference (bookmarks etc):

This page is for breaking news updated as needed. Most recent at the top.

11 Nov 2011
11-11-11 11:11:11: It's a little geeky I know, but this message is to celebrate the last "binary day" of this century (01-01-00 was the first). As they say, there are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't...

28 February 2011
Christchurch earthquake: First I would like to extend my sympathies to anyone who has been seriously affected by the earthquake on Tuesday. Second, I would like to let clients, customers and web visitors know we had no casualties or show-stopping damage - at this stage just a very big clean-up after the power and other services were out for a few days. There has been less damage to the northwest side of the city due to its distance from the epicentre, suburban housing and modern industrial buildings, and repairs following the large September 4th quake last year. (28 Feb 2011)

14 February 2009
It's only February, but the year is already booked out, so I am unable to accept more work until further notice. See the services page for more details.

10 April 2008
Good news - ADX Electronics web shop open: The new shop site is open. Still a work in progress (it hasn't been easy to find developers, so I ended up doing it myself), but it works. It has actually been up for nearly a year, but without any links to it no one knew it existed (intentional). Its purpose is to ease the buying process, and increase the range of products available. So give it a go.

7 November 2007
For development services clients only: See services page for 2007 close dates, notification of rate increase, and clarification of my position as a freelance worker (rather than a contracting firm).

27 May 2007
SCAM WARNING: A scammer is posting false details on a number of Asian business contact sites, claiming to be me / ADX Electronics Limited, and 'selling' things ranging from ipods to heaters. Note that ADX Electronics operates entirely from this website, and has no international distributors or agents. Please understand I am doing what I can to have these listings removed, but due to communication difficulties it can take months. Contact me if uncertain.

26 October 2005
ADX Electronics appointed NZ agent for the Itech range of programmable power supplies and electronic loads.

7 February 2005
Free shipping has ended. It was potentially confusing for trade sales or auction sales where a shipping cost is stated, and somewhat ironically we had to be careful not to offer free shipping! The whole reason for free shipping was to celebrate new lower shipping prices, so you're still on to a winner.

28 January 2004
Beginning of a New Zealand wide FREE SHIPPING special to celebrate availability of new lower shipping prices. Offer will continue until further notice. For current shipping details please see our sales page.

2 January 2004
The spam forgeries noted below continued in a start-stop manner for a few months and seem to have stopped for the time being. At least 107239 forgery bounces were received until the end of 2003, even with the email address in question disabled for at least a month. I'm pleased to note that there was not one confirmed human reply to this flood of spam.

19 October 2003 - from home page
URGENT NOTICE - SPAM FORGERY: Starting 16 October 2003, spammer(s) have been forging the "" contact address on their emails. Note these emails are forgeries. (If you ever needed proof to not buy their products, this would have to be it.) We are receiving many thousands of "undeliverable" reports per day, which means emails sent to any address will take a while to find and could even be lost. By the way, this sort of activity is fairly normal - nearly every spam has a forged "From:" address, so someone has to be the hapless victim (or a deliberate target, known as a "joe job" usually reserved for anti-spam activists and large corporations). When this last happened to us a couple of years ago we got hundreds of "remove" requests (to put it in a polite way), this time there has only been one, which actually did just say "remove" and was probably just an autoresponder. People have learnt that spam is a waste of time. If I were an anti-spam activist, I would be quite pleased to get a continual flow of bounces giving me plenty of time to build a nice rounded picture of all their servers and proxies etc... (This item dated 19 October 2003)

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